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Looking To Create A More Sustainable Home Interior?

Many of us have made changes to our everyday lives in a bid to tackle climate change, including taking a more sustainable route to decorating our homes. With plenty of eco-conscious home décor businesses around, it’s never been easier to design a living space in an eco-friendly manner that doesn’t sacrifice on style.

Looking To Create A More Sustainable Home Interior?

New Lease of Life
Before you send a tired piece of furniture to landfill, think about ways in which you could adapt it in order to give it a new lease of life.

A simple lick of paint and some replacement handles may be all an item needs to make it more pleasing on the eye. Social media is a treasure trove of design inspiration, so upcycling is no longer reserved for the super creative.

Treasure Hunting
Buying preloved items is hugely beneficial to the environment, and according to the Charity Retail Association this sector kept a whopping 339,000 tonnes of textiles from landfill in 2018/19. Charity shops are great for sourcing decorative accessories and soft furnishings. So, before you head online to purchase a new vase, ornament or throw, think second-hand.

Think Independently
We’ve recently been reminded of the benefits of shopping locally, both to ourselves and to our local economies. Choosing to purchase items from a local retailer or independent maker is also a win for sustainability. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, is a popular platform for a large number of makers who use sustainable materials and methods.

Go Natural
Natural materials are, of course, the most eco-friendly choice for those wishing to decorate and furnish a sustainable home. They are also bang on trend! Many of the current interiors trends celebrate the outside world and promote the use of natural materials. Create a Scandi-inspired living space with a neutral colour palette, timeless wooden pieces and textures of linen, wool and hessian.

Made to Last
Mass produced furniture is far from beneficial to the environment. In addition to the gas emissions and waste which result from production and logistics, they are often poorer in quality than their independently made alternatives. Consider investing in good quality furniture which will last a longer period of time and will also save you money in the long run.

Hello Hartleys!
Hartleys source only the best quality raw materials from sustainable forestations, and all products are crafted for bespoke orders in their Skipton factory. Hartleys furniture is built to last and the customer base is local, meaning a low carbon footprint for the furniture and fitting team.

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