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See like you did ten years ago

New Multifocal contact lenses have come a long way - see the small print and at the same time have clear distance vision. 


Many of us, when we reach our forties start to struggle to read things close up - trouble reading the dinner menu, seeing in dim light and even the small print is getting tougher to work out.  This is a natural change in our eyes, that makes it harder to focus on things close up and it’s quite normal.  Once it starts, Presbyopia progresses over time and doesn’t go away.  But there is a way to help without having to wear glasses.

Contact lenses have long been a convenient aid to vision, whether for everyday work, special occasions, going on holiday or sporting activity.   Whatever your reasons, contact lenses seamlessly open up a whole new world of possibilities and can be life-changing and through new technology, new Moist Multifocal contact lenses from Acuvue will correct not only your distance vision, but make reading pin-sharp too.

Expert at Benjamin’s, Pam Ernest says these lenses are revolutionary: “I wear them myself and find them amazing, comfortable and it’s like my eyes are ten years younger!  The results speak for themselves and many of our patients are loving them.  

They give you the freedom to do whatever you want”.

If you’re starting to struggle with your near vision, make an appointment with one of our contact lens experts and get the close up world back in focus.


Benjamin Opticians

23 Newmarket Street, 

Skipton BD23 2JE.

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