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Protecting your Flooring in Times of a Pandemic!
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With Christmas just around the corner and the uncertainty of a second wave looming, Hall’s Carpets & Flooring Ltd advise us on the best easy-clean  flooring options to survive a pandemic, pets and toddlers…

Quarantining and kids just don’t mix! As new parents Ross and Michelle soon discovered. Since their last editorial back in 2018, Michelle was pregnant and close to her due date, Dec 23rd, also being husband Ross’s Birthday. Just shy of a week later, Jaxon Taye Bernard made his entrance in to the world on 28th Dec, weighing 8lbs 7oz. 

“While he’s brought lots of joy into our lives, he’s also brought a little path of destruction.” Ross jokes, whilst frantically chasing the mischievous toddler around the showroom. “You could cover our whole house in bubble wrap and he’d still find a way to stain the carpets”. 

This is something a lot of parents can relate to during times of normality, let alone in the midst of a global pandemic! Being stuck at home with pets and kids is hard at the best of times, but months of lockdown can take its toll on your flooring with the lack of space to blow off steam and a surge of boredom.

More than ever, Hall’s Carpets are seeing a significant increase in customers making ‘easy-clean’ a priority when choosing their flooring. Be it for commercial reasons where rules for cleaning have become much stricter, or domestic, with concerned customers wanting to ensure their homes are as ‘pandemic-proof’ as possible!

Limitations on easy-clean flooring aren’t a problem. The Cross Hills based company offer an array of flooring options catering to all. “We understand individuals have different factors affecting decision-making” explains Ross, a Director of the firm. “Since lockdown ended, easy-clean has become a primary factor for many. We believe it’s due to spills and stains being rife during the months spent indoors.”

So, what is ‘easy-clean’ flooring, and what choices are available?

“It’s any type of flooring that can be cleaned with ease. These aren’t limited to the obvious ‘mop-clean’ choices such as laminates and LVTs. Carpets too come in ‘easy-clean’ ranges” Ross continues, “They can literally be cleaned with bleach”.

Bleach-cleanable carpets

Made of 100% polypropylene fibres which repel spills and stains, it’s exceptionally easy to clean! The dirt sits on top of the fibres instead of penetrating in. In comparison to wool ranges, they’re competitively priced. Available in a variety of colours, thicknesses and styles, they also come with a 10 year warranty for extra piece of mind. Deep soft piles are great for comfort and the wintry months. 

‘Mop-clean’ floorings 

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (namely Karndean) are water-proof, while laminates and vinyl floorings are water-resistant, making for easy cleaning. Although wood can be mopped clean, too much water can damage it, as can harsh detergents. 

Guardsman Treatment

Not ready to invest in new flooring? This treatment prolongs the lifespan of carpets with a stain-resistant protective seal, making carpets easier to clean in the process. 

Other products and services

Hall’s Carpets is home to hundreds of flooring options, including rugs, mats and aftercare products, at a range of price points to suit your budget. With a free measuring service and specialist fitters - all your needs are under one roof.

Hall’s Carpets & Floorings Ltd

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