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Sue Falkingham


Helping Skipton Hear

Did you hear about the new, specialist audiology clinic in Skipton? With 32 years of experience as an Audiologist, Sue Falkingham brings a wealth of knowledge, skills and expertise to the community in Skipton and surrounding areas.

Upon speaking to Aspire, Sue said: “Hearing well is so important to keep you connected to the friends, family, and activities you love. I simply want to offer a community-based service which has the highest levels of care and customer service, in a friendly, welcoming environment.

“Skipton has never had a full-time high-street hearing aid practice before, and many of my customers have been pleased to get high-quality support so close to home. 

“Hearing and hearing loss is complicated. Acquiring a hearing problem as an adult is a different experience for everyone. It’s never as simple as waking up one day knowing you aren’t hearing as well as you should be and being fitted with hearing aids the next day. 

“Hearing issues creep up on us. We have 2 ears and, in most cases, both ears deteriorate at the same rate, so we have no internal comparison that lets us know we are losing our hearing ability. It’s often other people that notice it first and prompt you to start looking for signs you aren’t hearing as well as you should. 

“There is usually an element of denial involved in hearing loss. Statements such as “it’s not me, the kids these days mumble”, or, “if they speak properly on the TV like the newsreaders, I can hear fine” are not uncommon. 

“At The Skipton Audiologist, we use a person-centred approach. Within a hearing consultation appointment, we will ask you to think about what’s important for you to hear. We will listen to your story, and we will focus with you on the most important goals you have for your hearing.

“When we assess your hearing, we will work with the standardised test using headphones and tones to get a threshold for your hearing ability. We then continue to assess your ability to hear speech sounds, speech in noise and the levels of background noise you can cope with in the environment.

“We have time to assess all of this with you and to look in detail at what those results mean and offer our recommendations to meet your hearing needs.”


Following a hearing consultation with The Skipton Audiologist, the expert team will discuss the next steps of your journey towards better hearing, with no pressure to make quick decisions. Customers are encouraged to take their test results home and spend some time considering the recommendations and the best choice going forward. 


12 Swadford Street, Skipton BD23 1RD

01756 541156

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