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Twisted Root


With over 20 years in the carpentry industry, Twisted Root’s owner, Tom Pierce, has built a sterling reputation for skill and professional service. With a passion for building with wood, he holds a deep respect for this most natural of materials. After Tom, his wife Amy and their children relocated from Ireland, Twisted Root began its life, very aptly, in a wooden shed. As the business and Tom’s reputation grew, they were able to move to a bigger workshop and are now based on Kirkgate in Settle.


Tom was trained with the ethos ‘quality not quantity’ and during the Covid lockdown, he was able to spend the time building up his portfolio of bespoke, handcrafted products (like the extremely popular hand carved Pea Pod wooden spoon) as well as other carefully curated items for the home.


As a specialist in traditional oak framing, having spent the first 12 years of his career working for specialist timber frame and restoration companies, and with a Diploma in Art and Design, Tom comes armed with expert knowledge of local building materials and their varying complexities and needs. Offering a truly bespoke service Tom emphasises that a project by Twisted Root is a complete, personal service throughout the entire process and Tom is actively involved in all aspects of the business from sales right through to installation and finishing.


Twisted Root’s love of carpentry not only guarantees quality, but Tom works hard to be as environmentally sensitive as possible. “Our love for one of the oldest building materials still in use means we hate to throw anything away. We are often able to use recycled and remnant pieces to create some great innovative designs. Much of what we make is unique and is a real collaboration between the customer and myself” says Tom.


Tom has managed to salvage and repurpose materials for some amazing designs, with each piece of timber holding a history and a story. Projects he has worked on include using old oak barrels as an imaginative shop counter, using planks reclaimed from a pub in Ireland that became a unique slab chair, and rescuing some timber beams from an old factory in Manchester to use as part of a dresser.


Twisted Root happily works with all budgets, sizes, styles, and ideas. From your first visit with Tom to the last check once it’s all fitted, Tom will guide you through the entire process. This local business enjoys enormous success through excellent workmanship and warm, friendly, and honest customer service.

Twisted Root

Settle, North Yorkshire


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