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Settle College

Student Care, above all. 

Whether you ask the pupils, parents or teachers, they’ll all say the same - Settle College is a happy school, where innovation, creativity, enterprise and fun are encouraged, valued and celebrated. At this 11-18 comprehensive school, each student is individual, bringing their unique personality, skills, talents and interests to a tight knit, trusting community, where everyone is treated equally and children flourish into accomplished young adults. Academic success is important, of course, but education goes beyond books. This year, the social aspect of school took a huge hit, when back in March they were thrust in to lockdown along with the rest of the country.

Though closed to the majority of students, the school remained open for children of Key Workers, providing tuition and a safe space for both their own pupils and those of neighbouring primary schools in the West Craven area. In order to keep everyone safe and comply with government guidelines, staff quickly got to work organising new rotas to suit ever changing student numbers and available classroom space. “All the staff, students and parents have been great throughout these strangest of times” said Deputy Head, Gareth Paisley. “It’s been so uplifting to see how everyone has pulled together and made the best of the situation. The positive attitude has enabled us to carry on excelling as the supportive, community focused hub we are.”


As the majority of students were home-schooling, years 7, 8 and 9 were provided with continuous work and support via the online learning platform, Class Chats. With exams being a stressful time during normal circumstances, it’s hard to imagine what this years’ GCSE and A-Level students have been feeling. Eager to offer extra support to these pupils, years 10-13 enjoyed online lessons through Microsoft Teams and help from members of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) whenever needed. “Thinking past just the academics, it was really important to us that all students felt mentally well and were as happy as could be throughout this difficult time, so we made sure all every single pupil received a ‘wellbeing call’ once every two weeks, and more often if required” Gareth explained. “We also held assemblies via Microsoft Teams, in which we discussed subjects from local news to global affairs, such as the Black Lives Matter movement.”


When the big day(s) rolled around in August, the eagerly awaited results were sent to students via email and followed up with a call from an SLT member to discuss next steps. It seems the hard work paid off, with just under 90% of A-Level students accepted in to their first choice universities and excellent GCSE results leading to an increase in students staying on for sixth-form. 


“As a rural school, we’ve got a fantastic variety of students, each with differing plans for the future. From those going on to apprenticeships with local companies to those heading off to study at Oxford, we’re proud of every single student!”

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Settle College, Settle, North Yorkshire BD24 0AU

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