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At Thistle Rose Leisure Campervan Conversions, our first meeting with potential customers is very much a "getting to know you" exercise. People often arrive with fixed ideas of what they want, based on things they have seen or heard about, or a long-held dream. And while it's great to realise dreams, we take pride in using our vehicle design skills to go just that little bit further.  

At the heart of this is understanding exactly what each customer intends to use their campervan for. At first glance this may seem obvious, but through exploration (and we know the questions to ask!), our discoveries have sometimes lead us and our customers in surprising directions. 

We've designed conversions from the smallest to the largest. From the compact Nissan NV200 right up to the Peugeot Boxer L4H2 – the biggest van you can drive on a standard licence.  We've adapted layouts for clients with mobility challenges. We've even custom designed the extras, such as specialist bike racks when the standard commercially available model wouldn't do.  

For many, the starting point is the ever popular VW Transporter "side-kitchen" layout. But even then the options to change the look and feel are numerous, with colours and finishes to suit every taste - from traditional wood to vibrant reds and oranges. Our particular favourite is the sleek, curvy "Inflection" furniture – contemporary and practical in one design.

For customers planning to travel a little further off the beaten track, or who just prefer to be more self-sufficient our "end bathroom" model is a popular choice. This layout often surprises with just what can be fitted into the space in these compact, economical and easily managed vehicles.

As highly experienced automotive design engineers though, it's not just about the colour and the layout. Safety is an absolute priority and we use our expertise to meet the highest possible standards, ensuring that whatever we do the integrity of the base vehicle is not compromised, leaving your warranty intact. Certified seating for passenger safety is used throughout and every vehicle meets the requirements for the DVLA and major insurers to be classed as a ‘motor caravan’.

After 3 successful years converting campervans our ambition doesn't stop there! The next innovation in the pipeline meets a need that we see often amongst customers. This is the first unveiling of our demountable camping pod, designed to fit all popular pick-up models and offering the best of all worlds - compact and easy to transport using your own everyday vehicle – yet provides a practical holiday living space similar to a full sized motorhome.

We're always happy to talk campervans so whatever stage you're at in realising your dream please do call or visit our Skipton workshop.


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