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Economic Running

A warm, homely feel is nothing new to owners of heat-storage cookers, which are purposely designed to help heat the room they’re in. However, concerns about the planet’s future, plus fuel consumption and running costs are making many of us think about how we heat our homes this winter, and in the future. 

Both AGA and Everhot have made great strides towards cheaper, more economic running of their cookers.


AGA have introduced more controllable models, with individually switched hotplates and ovens, plus timer options so it can bring itself up to temperature only when needed. On some versions, a low-temperature setting is available, helping you avoid leaving it on when it’s not needed. 


Everhot cookers have always been very controllable, with individual controls and settings for each oven and hotplate. All models also come with ‘ECO’ mode – a lower setting which allows the user to choose just how low it goes. Equally happy to be at full heat to help with the house heating in cold weather, or to automatically switch to ‘ECO’ when it’s not being used for either cooking or room heating.



Using your heat-storage cooker can even save money on the overall heating bill!


Here’s how - consider that if you ‘live’ most of the time in your kitchen-dining area it makes sense to just keep this room warm (and not the rest of the house); as well as cooking fantastic meals, your heat-storage cooker is designed for this task. By not switching on the whole heating system, and wasting heat in the rest of the house whilst you gather in the kitchen, you’ll help to you’ll save on fuel costs. In summer (plus spring and autumn if your house is well insulated) the newer Everhots and AGAs can be programmed to switch off or just lower their heat output when you’re not cooking on them, again, saving fuel. 


In the depths of winter, you may need more heat than the cooker can provide, so it could then be time to use the main heating system, or, consider supplementary heating from a separate room heater stove. The new electric model by Everhot is ideal; thermostatically controlled, easily positioned just about anywhere – it just plugs in - and you can even cook in its moderately sized oven! (These are also perfect for conservatories, the home office, a snug or even (if you’re lucky enough to have one) the camping pod or shepherd’s hut!


To speak to an expert, discover the best option for your home, and see the range of models and colours, visit the TN Cook showroom in Skipton. 


Close House Farm, Otley Road, Skipton, BD23 6DR

01756 792491

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