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Top tips when buying a home for the first time

Most people going through a divorce or separation would rather avoid having to go to court if possible. 


Be proactive: visit a mortgage lender or broker before you start looking for a property to obtain proof of funding in advance;

Budget accordingly: be aware of extra costs you’ll need to factor in on top of the deposit such as Stamp Duty Land Tax, legal fees, mortgage and moving costs; 

Clarify ownership: if someone is helping you out with your deposit, make sure you have a conversation about whether it is a gift or loan and make sure your mortgage lender is aware

of this. 

A formal agreement can be drawn up to protect a loan;

Protect your investment: if you are buying with a partner, friend or family member a Trust Deed should be put in place to set out who owns what proportion or share of the property;

Appoint a surveyor: a seller is under no obligation to transfer a property in any particular condition so check the condition of the property carefully.

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