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Escape Gym & Fitness Club

Boogie Bounce has landed!

Escape Gym, Skipton, has become the first fitness club in the area to start offering Boogie Bounce Xtreme classes. The programme is fab, fun, funky and most importantly - fat burning!

This complete exercise programme is done on a mini trampoline, with a safety bar, choreographed to chart-topping music. It’s an extremely effective cardio session with a powerful bums, tums and thighs section. Every muscle in the body is worked - including the facial muscles!

Boogie Bounce isn’t like regular trampolining. The aim is to perform a series of small, controlled movements with intervals of jumping, bouncing, frogging and stomping. It helps develop upper and lower body strength just as effectively as weight lifting without the strain or threat of pulled or torn muscles. The mat of the mini-trampoline is used as a resistance tool which makes the whole programme two to three times more effective than a normal every day aerobics class. 

The Boogie Bounce programme has stormed the nation and now being offered at Escape, Skipton. It’s suitable for any level of fitness, with classes to suit all ages and abilities.

Follow the Facebook page for more information on classes: BOOGIE BOUNCE SKIPTON.

No joining fee, just book and pay in advance - £6.50 per class

Escape Gym & Fitness Club

Sandylands Business Park,

Carleton New Road

Skipton BD23 2AA

01756 797077

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